Eric Garners egentlige "forbrydelse" var at være tyk

“Existing in bodies that do not meet a white supremacist standard—bodies that are not white, thin, fit, cis, straight, neurotypical, normative in its abilities and composition—has a tangible impact on people’s lives. Having non-normative bodies puts us at greater risk for socially-sanctioned abuse, state violence, hate crimes, and wrongful death.”

"The true function of fatphobia is to dehumanize and debase, first and foremost, and it is so because fatphobia is indelibly linked with anti-Blackness, of which the main function is to dehumanize and debase Black people. Ideas linking fatness with laziness, immorality, and lower mental acuities arose among white intellectuals directly alongside ideas that attributed these same characteristics to Blackness, in large part because fatness was linked to Blackness as an incarnation of white supremacy."

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