Tykke mænd i modebranchen

Læs her om tykke mænd i modebranchen og den tykfobiske modstand, de møder. Interviewet med designere, model og en PR-person er skrevet af en tyk journalist, som selv har oplevet sin del af modeverdenens tykfobi:

>> As a 350 pound, 6’2” fashion journalist, I’ve faced my share of insulting episodes. My first bitter taste of the industry came while covering fashion week at 19, when a well-known designer interrupted me during an interview, put his hand over my microphone and said, “You know, you’d be gorgeous if you lost 80 pounds. Try Weight Watchers, I’m telling you.” At 21, I landed my first front row seat at fashion week; while taking my seat on the bench, I noticed a front row regular eyeing me and the seat next to me. Shaking her head in disgust, she left and returned with the brand’s PR person, who then asked me to leave my chair. When I showed her my invite and asked why, she made a hand gesture suggesting the size of my stomach, as if she were clutching an invisible beach ball. <<