Her er en tekst som handler om den uambitiøse, overentusiastiske del af den kropspositive bevægelse som ikke formår at politisere kropsaktivismen. De sidste par år er bodypositivity blevet voldsomt populært, bl.a også som salgbart produkt. FedFront mener at #bodypositivity er en udvanding af det tykaktivistiske projekt, som ofte er direkte kontraproduktiv for kampen.

Citat fra teksten:

"This “movement’s” palatability isn't an accident though—it is diligently ambiguous about things like health, superfat bodies, racism, trans issues, white supremacy and other relevant political body ties that can quickly become "hot button" topics. This can then lead to emphatically and unseemly (read: controversial and unpopular) divisive threads. While individual users may be unaware of the purposeful reason behind its popularity, it is in large part easily loved because it prioritizes vagueness and erasure, enabling an effortless dance around these critical issues with the dangerously disarming chant of "I just want us all to bake a cake out of rainbows and smiles and all eat it and be happy!”